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Many investors may not be familiar with transactional funding and how it can provide peace of mind and a sense of honor when performing wholesale transactions. Many real estate investors get started by wholesaling properties to other real estate investors. They make a profit through what is called a double close. Many R.E. Investors have struggled with how they can propose to a homeowner who is desperate to sell their property, that they will be able to buy their property with ALL CASH! Transactional funding allows you to accomplish this, have peace of mind, and know that your seller and your buyer will be confident in the transaction, for a very small fee.


Our Simple Process

01 Fill Out Application

Our application process only takes a few minutes to fill out, and once submitted, our team thoroughly reviews within 24-48 hours by one of our loan officers.

02 Review

Review of A to B contract, along with B to C contract.

03 Funds Provided

Funds provided for the A to B closing, and payment made upon B to C closing.

***NOTE: Typical fees are approximately 1.5% of loan amount and zero percent interest.


The 5 Minute Form

Simply fill out this form and a member of our staff will review your submission and get back to you immediately.

Newly Released:

Dealmaker App

Everything you need to calculate costs, determine profitability and keep track of your projects. And the best part… It’s Free!!

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